Legback teams up with CyStack for cutting-edge security in the legal landscape

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Thy Dang

Content Executive @ Marketing Team|January 22, 2024

Demonstrating proactive security leadership in legaltech, Legback recently collaborated with CyStack to perform comprehensive penetration testing on client applications, allowing the company to identify and remediate vulnerabilities before threats arise. The successful 20-day project involved five skilled testers thoroughly detecting gaps, assessing risks, and providing clear fixing advice to bolster defenses across Legback’s systems.

About Legback

Legback is a leading AI technology platform, pioneering the future of legal services in Vietnam. As an AI-powered technology platform, Legback aims to transform legal workflows with advanced automation capabilities for tasks like legal research, document review, contract drafting and tracking operational activities.

By leveraging cutting-edge innovations such as natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, Legback enables legal professionals, businesses, and individuals to complete previously time-intensive processes with newfound speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Advancing legaltech security with Grey-box Testing

Taking their cybersecurity leadership to new heights, Legback collaborated with CyStack, a top-notch cybersecurity company in Vietnam, to employ grey-box penetration testing. This approach equips Legback to assess vulnerabilities to insider threats with unparalleled effectiveness and efficiency.

Leveraging internal access and key infrastructure insights, the more revealing grey-box model offers productive advantages. Companies can save considerable time and costs while still receiving an accurate assessment to strengthen their security posture against attacks.

Legback’s adoption of proactive grey-box testing reinforces their commitment to setting the pace for legaltech firms in state-of-the-art protection. This allows them to uncover risks faster while staying steps ahead of cyber threats.

By undertaking rigorous independent testing and addressing all identified vulnerabilities, Legback’s AI-powered legal technology platform was able to meet stringent evaluation criteria focused on risk reduction and data safety.

This collaboration not only underscores Legback’s dedication to maintaining a secure environment but also marks a significant step toward fostering innovation and accessibility within the legal profession in Vietnam.

About CyStack

CyStack is a leading innovative cybersecurity company in Vietnam, known for its in-depth research capabilities and building pioneering security solutions for businesses and individuals.

Boasting partnerships with over 200 businesses and 20,000 individuals globally, CyStack has become a trusted provider for comprehensively safeguarding operations, assets, and data. Their offerings span threat detection, risk monitoring, access controls, and data security – providing multilayered defenses.

Widely trusted and continuously validated, CyStack’s solutions are recommended by organizations of all sizes and industries while garnering awards from Vietnamese government agencies.

With an emphasis on trailblazing research and development, CyStack empowers businesses to withstand intensifying cyber risks.

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