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We streamline cybersecurity and make the internet a safer place

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What We Do

The internet has transformed into a magical but treacherous box in the digital age. Thousands of cyber attacks are launched daily, with many targeting enterprise web applications and cloud infrastructure. These attacks can have devastating consequences, causing services to go offline, sensitive data to be compromised, and customer trust to erode. Individual users are also at risk, facing many online threats ranging from fraud and theft to data loss.

At CyStack, we recognize the critical importance of cybersecurity in today's interconnected world. We understand cybersecurity is more than just a buzzword – it's a critical business issue affecting everything from product safety to data protection. That's why we're building a security company with a unique approach that blends expert knowledge with innovative technology.

We aim to make security an integral part of the enterprise software development process, improving user security awareness and leveraging powerful security technologies to automate and efficiently manage security challenges across the organization. With our comprehensive suite of solutions, we're dedicated to helping our clients stay ahead of evolving threats and safeguard their critical assets and data.

We offer a range of specialized solutions for Product Security, Operations Security, and Data Security. Our suite of self-developed solutions includes cutting-edge tools like Web Vulnerability Scanner, WhiteHub Bug Bounty Platform, Locker Password Manager, and SafeChain - our proprietary on-chain monitoring tool that helps organizations track and secure their blockchain-based assets, all of which are designed to help businesses stay one step ahead of emerging threats.

Who We Are

We are a dynamic team of individuals who share a profound passion for our work and the positive impact it brings to both our customers and the community. Our unwavering commitment is driven by the belief that we can create a safer online environment, enabling businesses and individuals to concentrate on their core activities. We strive tirelessly each day to turn this belief into reality.

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Our Story

In 2017, Vietnam witnessed a powerful surge in digital transformation, prompting the founding of several technology firms dedicated to resolving conventional issues. However, these companies struggled with the frequent assaults of hackers, compounded by the daunting financial and technological hurdles they faced.

At that time, cybersecurity experts Chien and Trung recognized the pressing need for accessible security solutions for Vietnamese enterprises, leading them to establish CyStack. The name itself reflects their vision of providing a comprehensive stack of cybersecurity solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals and businesses.

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Founding Team

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Trung Nguyen

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Trung is a cybersecurity expert with 10+ years of experience, especially in app exploitation and cloud security. He was honoured in the Hall of Fame of global tech giants for discovering critical vulnerabilities in their products (Microsoft, IBM, Daimler, HP, Deloitte etc.). He works as an accomplished software architect and active open-source contributor to globally recognized projects.

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Chien Tran

co-founder & advisorCyStack image about us

Chien is a cybersecurity and blockchain expert. He was CyStack's former CEO, and now is a strategic shareholder & advisor. Chien now works as the Founder & CEO of ONUS, a leading blockchain platform in Vietnam.