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Identify bottlenecks

Identify the specific parts of the system that are causing performance issues when under heavy load

Test scalability

Understand how the system will perform as it scales to handle more users, transactions, or data

Evaluate robustness

Evaluate how well a system can withstand unexpected events, such as sudden spikes in traffic, hardware failures, or other types of disruptions

Improve reliability

By identifying and fixing issues that are revealed by a performance test, you can improve the overall reliability and stability of the system

Confidence in service levels

Be more confident in the service level you are providing to your customers

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How we test


Identifying the system or component that will be tested, the type of stress test that will be conducted, and the expected load or conditions that will be used during the test


Setting up the test environment and configuring the tools and equipment that will be used during the test

Test Execution

Simulating the expected load or conditions on the system and monitoring the system's behaviour during the test

Data Analysis

Looking at performance metrics, identifying bottlenecks, and analyzing log files and other data to understand how the system handled the load or conditions that were used during the test

Reporting and Recommendation

Generating a report that summarizes the results of the performance test and provides recommendations for improving the system's performance or addressing any issues that were identified


Fixing the issues to ensure the system can handle the stress


What we test

Load testing
Load testing

This test determines how well a system performs under normal and expected load conditions

Stress testing
Stress testing

This test determines how well a system performs under extreme or beyond normal load conditions. The goal is to determine the system's breaking point

Volume testing
Volume testing

This type of test is used to evaluate how the system behaves when handling a large amount of data

Endurance testing
Endurance testing

This type of test is used to evaluate how the system behaves over an extended period of time, such as several hours or days

Spike testing
Spike testing

This test is used to determine how well a system can handle sudden and unexpected increases in load, such as a sudden surge in website traffic

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Tested by a team of security experts

The CyStack Audit team is composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals who possess a deep understanding of both infrastructure and security. This allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive and accurate performance testing services that can identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities in their systems.

Our team members are experts in the field, trained to understand the intricacies of the infrastructure, which includes web servers, databases, networks, and hardware. This knowledge allows us to conduct performance testing in an efficient and precise manner, ensuring that the results are accurate and reliable. We take pride in providing our clients with an in-depth understanding of the system's vulnerabilities and giving them the knowledge to rectify them.



Initial engagement

Communicating with the client to understand their requirements and setting the scope of the project.


Project planning

Defining the objectives, timeline, budget, and resources required for the project.



Conducting the actual penetration testing, which includes reconnaissance, scanning, exploitation.


Real-time report

Reporting vulnerabilities immediately after finding out via CyStack vulnerability management platform.



Archiving project-related data and officially closing the project.



Communicating with the client to ensure that all recommendations are implemented and verifying that the system is secure.


Final report

Presenting the findings in a detailed report that includes executive summary and detailed vulnerability.



The client fixes issues through the recommendations from CyStack.

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