An effective approach to secure your blockchain network


Identify potential threats and attack vectors that could be used to compromise the security of the blockchain protocol.


Ensure that the blockchain network functions properly and performs as intended, which is essential for maintaining the trust of users and stakeholders


Ensure that the blockchain system is compliant with relevant regulations and industry standards, reducing the risk of legal or regulatory issues.


Provide greater transparency into the blockchain system's operations, making it easier to identify errors or inconsistencies and address them quickly


Help build trust and confidence in the blockchain system among users, investors, and other stakeholders, which can enhance its reputation and value

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How we audit

Review the documentation

Reviewing your organization's cloud infrastructure, including servers, networks, and storage, as well as the architecture of the systems and how they are configured

Understand the consensus

Understand the consensus mechanism used by the blockchain protocol. This will help to identify any potential weaknesses in the mechanism that could be exploited

Perform code review

Perform a thorough code review of the blockchain protocol, looking for potential vulnerabilities, such as buffer overflow, SQL injection, and other common software vulnerabilities

Test the code

Use automated testing tools to test the code for potential vulnerabilities. This includes unit testing, integration testing, and regression testing

Perform penetration testing

Perform penetration testing to simulate a real-world attack on the blockchain protocol. This includes trying to exploit vulnerabilities identified during the code review and testing

Evaluate compliance

Evaluate the blockchain protocol for compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards

Interoperability testing

Evaluate the blockchain protocol's compatibility with other blockchain networks and systems, ensuring that the protocol can interact with other systems in the ecosystem

Performance testing

Evaluate the blockchain protocol's performance, including its scalability, gas consumption, and usability


Create a detailed report of the audit findings, including any vulnerabilities or issues identified, and recommendations for addressing them

Provide remediation support

Provide assistance with addressing any issues or vulnerabilities identified during the audit, including guidance on how to remediate the issues

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What we test

Network LayerP2PSybil Attack
P2PEclipse Attack
P2PEavesdropping Attack
P2PDenial of Service Attack
P2PBGP Hijack Attack
P2PAlien Attack
RPCEavesdropping Attack
RPCDenial of Service Attack
RPCThe Ethereum Black Valentine's Day Vulnerability
RPCHTTP Input Attack
RPCCross-Domain Phishing Attack
Ledger LayerConsensusLong Range Attack
Bribery Attack
Liveness Denial
Finney Attack
Vector76 Attack
Alternative Historical Attack
51% Attack
Grinding Attack
Coin Age Accumulation Attack
Selfing Mining
Block Double Production
EncryptionCryptographic Attack
Private Key Prediction
Length Extension Attack
TransactionDouble Spend Attack
Transaction Malleability Attack
Time-Locked Transaction Attack
False Top-Up Attack
Rug Pull Attack

Manage your cyber risks in a security platform

CyStack avatar Manage your cyber risks in a security platform

Get an overview of your security posture just on one screen

CyStack avatar Manage your cyber risks in a security platform

Discover automatically new vulnerabilities and attack surfaces

CyStack avatar Manage your cyber risks in a security platform

Collaborate effortlessly with your team, CXOs, and our security experts

CyStack avatar Manage your cyber risks in a security platform

Get all details of each vulnerability (descriptions, steps to reproduce) and comprehensive, actionable guidelines to resolve it.

CyStack avatar Manage your cyber risks in a security platform

Comment and discuss directly on each finding, avoiding endless phone calls and emails

CyStack avatar Manage your cyber risks in a security platform

Prioritize the most effective solutions based on ROI and optimize your developers' time

CyStack avatar Manage your cyber risks in a security platform

Speed up the security testing process with a streamlined approach

CyStack avatar Manage your cyber risks in a security platform

Integrate findings into your productivity tools (Slack, Jira, Trello)

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Tested by a team of security experts

The CyStack Audit Team is a group of highly skilled security testers who use a goal-oriented approach to testing, refined through years of experience and extensive testing. Our team members have a unique blend of app development and security testing expertise, enabling them to conduct comprehensive security evaluations that uncover potential risks for organizations.

Members of this team are also regular speakers at world-known cyber security conferences and also talented bug hunters who discovered many critical vulnerabilities in the products and are acknowledged in the Hall of Fame of global tech giants such as IBM, HP, Daimler, Microsoft, Alibaba, etc.

CyStack also offers a bug bounty platform that enables access to over 3000 security researchers to discover critical vulnerabilities in products, including those not discoverable by using traditional solutions and automated tools.

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Build credibility with your partners and customers

After finishing the penetration testing, you will receive a security certificate which serves as proof that your system has undergone rigorous testing and has been certified safe by our team of security experts.

By obtaining this certificate, you can demonstrate to your customers and partners that you take security seriously and have taken steps to ensure the protection of their sensitive data. This can also be used to showcase your commitment to security and can help differentiate your company from competitors who may not have undergone similar testing.

Build credibility with your partners and customers

Compliance-driven penetration test

CyStack's pentest provides comprehensive testing that encompasses all the essential requirements necessary to attain compliance with ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC2, GDPR standards, and other frameworks.

CyStack Compliance-driven penetration test
CyStack Compliance-driven penetration test
CyStack Compliance-driven penetration test
CyStack Compliance-driven penetration test
CyStack Compliance-driven penetration test



Initial engagement

Communicating with the client to understand their requirements and setting the scope of the project.


Project planning

Defining the objectives, timeline, budget, and resources required for the project.



Conducting the actual penetration testing, which includes reconnaissance, scanning, exploitation.


Real-time report

Reporting vulnerabilities immediately after finding out via CyStack vulnerability management platform.



Archiving project-related data and officially closing the project.



Communicating with the client to ensure that all recommendations are implemented and verifying that the system is secure.


Final report

Presenting the findings in a detailed report that includes executive summary and detailed vulnerability.



The client fixes issues through the recommendations from CyStack.

Trusted by leading security-aware companies organizations across the world

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