1. Information provision

1.1. When using CyStack Platform, we may ask you to provide some information about your Website such as: domain name, IP address, server administrator account or personal information such as: name, address, phone number, email address…

1.2. When declaring personal information, you should make sure that all information is accurate and legal. We do not bear any liability with regard to the law of information informed.

1.3. We use the information you provide to process your order, provide the service and other issues at your request. In addition, we will use that information to manage accounts, verify, conduct online transactions, improve layout and content of the website, and adjust until reach the user’s requirement.

1.4. You will receive information about new products, warning of CyStack… via email. If you do not wish to receive this information, please click on the reject link in any email we send. Within 7 days of receiving the instruction, we will stop sending the information.

1.5. Data collected by Technology:

  • Device and Browser Data: We automatically log the following information (as applicable) when you access CyStack platform: operating system name and version, device identifier, and IP address. This data is used to secure your Account, optimized for your device, facilitate customer support, and for tax and compliance purposes (e.g: using the region associated with your IP address to display local regulatory notices - if any).
  • Cookies: We use cookies and similar technologies to recognize you and/or your device(s) and provide a more personal and seamless experience when interacting with our Services.

1.6. Data obtained from Third Parties:

  • If you process your access to CyStack Platform through other parties like Google, Facebook, Github,... the only information we require is Default Public Profile, which are email and/or avatar.
  • We receive information about users from our service providers (For Payment, those are Name and Billing Address to validate an Account; For Google Analytics, to monitor App Performance with analytics services.

2. Privacy

2.1. We undertake that only CyStack shall have the right to acquire and use your information in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated in this “Privacy Policy”. We are committed to protecting your information in all possible ways to prevent this information from being in searching, in use or unexpected disclosure.

2.2. Information relating to the server account, payment card will not be saved on the system of CyStack.

2.3. We may disclose your personal information in cases which stipulated by law or at the request of a jurisdictional court.

3. Engagement

3.1. We assure you that CyStack will not collect any of your personal information on purpose unless you voluntarily provide this information.

3.2. When you provide personal information to CyStack, you also know clearly that we have a intention to exploit data for any purpose and we have your approval for using such data.

3.3. You have the right to request your Personal Data be erased. If you delete your Account, your data will be deleted automatically.

4. Change of information and privacy policy

4.1. The content of this “Privacy Policy” may change to suit CyStack’s needs as well as the requirement and feedback from customers. When updating this policy, we will set up the “last updated time”.

5. Contact information

5.1. If you have any claims, opinions, contact or feedbacks on this “Privacy Policy”, please contact via email address: contact@cystack.net.