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Shorten the lifetime of vulnerabilities on system

Enterprises' information technology system is getting bigger and harder to control. IT and Security teams grow with complex processes. Those factors make it more time-consuming to patch security issues, posing more security risks to the organization. CyStack Vulnerability Management was born to shorten the time it takes for businesses to fix their security flaws.

Systematic Risk Management

CyStack Vulnerability Management works effectively with CyStack Platform applications such as Web Security, WhiteHub, Endpoint Security - providing risk management for all digital assets of the enterprise: servers, network infrastructure, web , application, API, network, workstation, etc

Prioritize what's important

CyStack VM automatically classifies and labels security errors in the system according to their severity and impact on the system, helping to prioritize handling urgent security issues. Managers can assign work to members to optimize the repair process.

Protect your business from the most dangerous vulnerabilities

With an intelligent management system, VM effectively supports the IT Security team in managing - detecting - fixing the most dangerous security holes for the organization, including OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities. did not know.


Risk visualization

Vulnerability and incident data is collected, cleaned, classified by various criteria, and visualized with easy-to-observe graphs. Help customers understand the overall security status of the organization to make the best decisions.

Diversity and in-depth data

Vulnerability information is classified using basic and advanced filters such as: threat level, CVSS score, detection time, detection location, etc. You can also label the vulnerability for better management.

Comprehensive information collection

Vulnerability Management is integrated to receive data from products of the CyStack Platform ecosystem, including Web Security, Endpoint Security, WhiteHub Bug Bounty. In addition, the software may also receive built-in vulnerability data from third-party tools.

Team collaboration and remediation

Vulnerability remediation allows administrators to assign work to the security team to fix issues, helping departments better interact with each other in the process of fixing vulnerabilities.

Customer benefits

Shorten the process of remediation

Using Vulnerability Management makes the customer's vulnerability management process seamless, thereby accelerating vulnerability patching for better system security.

Prioritize important vulnerabilities

Continuous security and product development support

Complete Vulnerability Management Solution

Vulnerability Management + Web Security

The perfect solution to detect, manage, and fix vulnerabilities for websites, servers, and web applications.

Vulnerability Management + Endpoint Security

Solution for managing internal network security, detecting threats in enterprise computer networks. Prevent malicious code attacks and data loss.

Vulnerability Management + WhiteHub Bug Bounty

Bug Bounty program management and deployment solution for all businesses.