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Complete defense system with a digital threat database

Many organizations are currently facing online fraud on their products, causing money loss for users and seriously affecting business reputation. To completely solve this problem, usage policies and user warnings are not enough. Organizations need to quickly prevent and remove objects with unusual interactions on the system. By monitoring systems for digital threats, CyStack helps businesses deploy and build secure databases to integrate into their systems.

Information gathering and risk prevention

Information about scammers

Email, phone number, bank account, e-wallet address

Information about malicious code

IOC like C&C server, hash file, signature file

Information about the vulnerability

The latest information on vulnerabilities and ongoing attacks around the world and in the region.

Other information

Other sensitive business data is posted on the internet

Outstanding advantages of threat intelligence

Constantly updated with new threats from many reputable anti-malware organizations, classifying threats by customer's field.

Data is analyzed and built by leading experts in the industry with many years of experience in information security.

Research and closely monitor the activities of hacker groups around the world, providing relevant information to customers before attacks take place.

Customer benefits

Minimize the possibility of users being attacked by phishing on your platform

Minimize time to incident response or remediation of security issues with a wealth of data that includes threat intelligence

Minimize the time it takes to investigate the source of the threat.