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Application security solutions for the digital era

To keep up with product release rates, applications nowadays are built in the cloud and use a variety of programming libraries. This inadvertently increases security risks, directly threatening application users and the vendor itself.

CyStack's application security service is a comprehensive solution to test - evaluate - strengthen the security of web applications, mobile applications (Android and iOS), SaaS applications and web services. CyStack accompanies businesses to help applications comply with domestic and international security standards, secure user information, and protect applications to operate safely and stably.

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Common challenges in securing applications

Security check alone is not enough

Penetration tests can make an application secure at a time point, but cannot guarantee the same level of security when new features are added to the application. In fact, web and mobile applications need to be upgraded regularly to improve user experience. This increases the possibility that the application has vulnerabilities when being developed, which enables bad guys to attack the application.

Security check alone is not enough

Risks of moving to the cloud

Although well known cloud services such as AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean all have high security, it does not mean your applications won’t be attacked via cloud environments. In fact, cloud mis-configuration can cause serious damage to the applications. Using cloud services also requires more up-to-date security and administration than traditional methods. According to Gartner, more than 95% of cloud data breaches are caused by user configuration errors.

Risks of moving to the cloud

Lack of coordination between departments

Another difficulty when building technology applications is the lack of an overview of security across departments. The state of the programmer - operation - security team working separately is the premise for security loopholes that allow hackers to infiltrate the application and internal organization. Thereby performing network attacks, stealing data, creating backdoors in the target system that the application building team cannot know.

Lack of coordination between departments

There is a better way to secure your apps

With an outstanding advantage thanks to a team of experienced experts and a strong technology background, CyStack provides leading application security testing and monitoring service, which helps prevent most cyber attacks targeting the applications, monitor the security for servers and databases, and comply with national and international data security standards.

Security Development Security Development

Consulting & Supporting businesses to deploy and build secure applications: The experts at CyStack will work directly with the product development team to research the most suitable technologies for the product, the best methods. for SDLC transparent application security.

Application Testing & Vulnerability Management Application Testing & Vulnerability Management

Penetration tests help businesses understand how hackers attack in practice. The testing process is carried out entirely manually by the most experienced and accomplished experts at CyStack, in order to detect high-risk security flaws. CyStack also supports vulnerability management using technology platforms.

Source code Review Source code Review

Đánh giá bảo mật cho mã nguồn ứng dụng và môi trường phát triển ứng dụng. Những chuyên gia giỏi nhất tại CyStack sẽ hỗ trợ đội ngũ phát triển ứng dụng trong việc review mã nguồn ứng dụng và các cơ chế bảo mật như Authentication, Authorization, Encryption & Logging.

Application Security Monitoring Application Security Monitoring

Monitor application security and open services. To maintain the security of the application, the tests are not enough. CyStack uses automated tools and techniques to continuously monitor the security of vulnerable components such as AWS S3 bucket, EC2 cloud server to ensure the application is always in top shape.

We secure applications on

Customer benefits

Quickly detect and fix application security flaws before being exploited by hackers to cause damage.

Get a bird's-eye view of the security risks that threaten your application and the direct consequences of an app attack.

Comprehensive security of application components: source code, public API, docker, server, database, cloud services.

Comply with regulations on information security & data protection, satisfy users, partners, customers, investors.

The application development department, operation and coordination work more efficiently, saving on security personnel costs.

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Why choose us?

Professional competence

CyStack is proud to be one of the units that owns the leading experts in Cybersecurity - Information Security. Experts at CyStack have found vulnerabilities in application products of global corporations such as Microsoft, Dell, HP, D-link, Deloitte,... In addition, we also regularly introduce experts Research topics that have a profound impact on the information security industry at the world's leading security conferences such as Black Hat USA, Black Hat Asia, T2,...

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Breakthrough technology

CyStack is also a pioneer in applying new technologies in security such as automatic vulnerability scanning with Fuzzing, connecting businesses with a community of security experts and high-quality information security personnel through the WhiteHub bug bounty platform, web application scanning and monitoring app, global attack map CyStack Attack Map, vulnerability management tool.

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