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Upgrade your defense with advanced Endpoint Detection and Response system

CyStack Endpoint Security provides the ability to check - prevent - detect - respond to information security threats from both inside and outside the enterprise. Managers get a comprehensive and complete view of the IT system, control terminals, detect and respond to potential risks or ongoing attacks. All at one central interface.

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Risk detection

Detects many types of problems at endpoints in enterprise computer networks such as: security bugs, viruses - malwares, violations of internal policy compliance.

Incident response

Responds instantly to network threats at a centralized dashboard: delete malicious file, prevent network connection, terminate running process...

Policy setting

Sets up compliance rulesets in the enterprise in the form of blacklists and whitelists, which can be applied to: prevent peripheral device connections, only allow connections to certain websites, and more.

Endpoint monitoring

Monitors endpoints through kernel task level system information collection. Query any information with a simple SQL statement.

Lightweight Agent: Agent+ with super light capacity

Unmanaged Asset: Detects strange devices connected to the network

Security Policy: Sets up and monitor policy compliance

Deep Analyze: Powered by a risk analysis system

Malware Detection: Detects viruses, ransomware, spyware, and more.

Blacklist & Whitelist: Sets up blacklists and whitelists for better protection

Centralized Dashboard: Manage all at a single dashboard


APT prevention: Prevent advanced persistent threats

Collect Information: Collecting information fully and transparently

Vulnerability Detection: Detects software and hardware security vulnerabilities

Remote Access: Remote workstation control

Files Tracking: Extract any important file data

Power Query: Query all workstation information

Outstanding solution to replace traditional anti-virus programs

CyStack Endpoint Security helps businesses detect the majority of security risks at the endpoint and ensure policy is always followed.


Detect and warn of software, hardware and operating system security vulnerabilities. Keep the equipment system in the safest state.


Detect and prevent dangerous types of malicious code such as Ransomware, Keylogger, Spyware, Virus, ... and cracked or unsafe software.

Advanced Threats

Detect and prevent APT attacks on the internal network, ensuring information security in the organization.

Why choose CyStack EDR+

Agent+ Technology

The endpoint devices are equipped with a super lightweight Agent that runs in the background and does not affect the hardware resources as well as the network connection of the machine.

Comprehensive monitoring

Capture detailed information about each device, including software, hardware, network connectivity, vulnerabilities, malware, and other security risks.

Continuous and accurate information

Agent continuously collects and processes information to send to the server, providing real-time Dashboard for managers. All information is immediate and accurate.

Operate in the cloud

EDR+ solution is integrated on CyStack Platform, 100% cloud-based, can be automatically updated and accessed via web browser.

Flexible cost

The cost of using Endpoint Security calculated according to the number of terminals of the enterprise, is clear and transparent. No maintenance or upgrade fees.


Get started with EDR+ with a minimum of 10 devices. Unlimited expansion according to your needs in the future.