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Why CyStack Platform?

Into every detail

No single app can be the panacea to all security issues. That is why we design different specialized apps integrated into CyStack Platform to thoroughly address different problems. Together, they provide your website full protection.

Towards future growth

Well-aware of the current increase in number and sophistication of security incidents, we create the expandable CyStack Platform: unlimited apps and features can be added for prospective security needs.

For anyone, from anywhere

User experience and efficiency are top priorities for CyStack Platform. We want to make website security simple for you, whoever you are and whatever industry your business is in. With our cool and powerful dashboard, you can always stay informed, even on the move.

By white-hat hackers

Every feature is designed with expertise, experience and dedication. We offer perceptive insights to your website security. Researches and discoveries of our own as well as of global security community will be constantly updated and applied to the solutions for you.

Multi-interface access

For daily use, we offer our WebUI and Mobile App. If you would like to integrate our platform into your systems, REST APIs are at your service.

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