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Fight Against Cyber Threats

Trusted by startups, enterprises, and government organizations, CyStack empowers with robust vulnerability discovery, fortified systems, and holistic business safeguarding.

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Cutting-edge solutions for your security

Our tailored solutions elevate your business's security, countering the escalating risk of cyber threats. Covering application security, proactive threat detection, rapid response, cloud security, and compliance, our suite fortifies against vulnerabilities.

Security Testing and Assessment

Engaging in a meticulous assessment of a company's systems, networks, and applications to uncover vulnerabilities, evaluate potential risks, and ascertain the effectiveness of established security protocols.

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Penetration TestPenetration Test

Testing and discovering vulnerabilities in your applications, simulating the approach of hackers.

Vulnerability AssessmentVulnerability Assessment

Streamlining the automation of vulnerability identification, categorization, and prioritization within your applications

Cloud Security AuditCloud Security Audit

Reviewing configurations and evaluating security controls within your cloud infrastructure.

Internal Network AuditInternal Network Audit

Assessing network design to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities within your internal network.

Performance TestPerformance Test

Evaluating the system stability and scalability under extreme loads or conditions.

Managed Bug BountyManaged Bug Bounty

Engaging with a global community of ethical hackers to promptly and proficiently identify vulnerabilities in your products for enhanced detection

Managed Security ServiceManaged Security Service

Delivering comprehensive system monitoring and security similar to an internal team.

Incident ResponseIncident Response

Responding to and investigating your cybersecurity incidents

Security TrainingSecurity Training

Enhancing awareness, knowledge, and skills in cybersecurity for your team

Security MonitoringSecurity Monitoring

Detecting and analyzing security events in real-time to identify and respond to threats


Seamlessly integrating security protocols across your software development lifecycle, from development to deployment.

Operations Security

Utilizing a dedicated team of security professionals possessing the requisite knowledge and expertise to ensure the security of your systems and networks.

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Data Security

Implementing robust protocols to ensure the protection of organizations' sensitive and confidential data, mitigating risks related to unauthorized access, utilization, or disclosure.

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Data Loss PreventionData Loss Prevention

We design and implement customized DLP solutions to address the specific needs of the client. The sensitive data can be located on endpoints, in the cloud, or on email servers.

Blockchain Protocol AuditBlockchain Protocol Audit

Performing an extensive codebase review while analyzing network architecture, consensus mechanisms, and governance models within the domains of layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains.

Smart Contract AuditSmart Contract Audit

Performing an exhaustive assessment of smart contract code and functionality to establish its security and trustworthiness. Our smart contract audit capabilities encompass prominent blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, BSC, TRON, Solana, and others.

On-chain MonitoringOn-chain Monitoring

We offer SafeChain, an ultimate tool for monitoring suspicious transactions, unusual patterns of activity, or attempts to exploit vulnerabilities to detect and respond to any potential security threats or breaches in a specific blockchain network.

Blockchain Security

Utilizing a dedicated team of security professionals possessing the requisite knowledge and expertise to ensure the security of your systems and networks.

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A technology-driven approach to security services

CyStack empowers enterprises with an all-encompassing security solution, fusing our expertise and the advanced CyStack Platform to deliver a precise, actionable insight into their security standing.

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CyStack technology approach
Project Management

Enterprises can initiate a security project and monitor its progress through our platform. Every activity within the project is meticulously logged with transparency and completeness.

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Vulnerability Management

The platform effortlessly identifies vulnerabilities through automation or manual input, followed by rigorous classification and remediation. It offers a consolidated view of threats and their business implications.

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Attack Surface Management

Enterprises can adopt a comprehensive perspective on potential attack surfaces pinpointed by the platform within their systems, encompassing dormant servers, testing domains, and vulnerable third-party software.

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