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Ethereum Smart Contract Audit
About Ethereum Smart Contract
A smart contract is a self-executing contract written in programming languages and executed on the blockchain. It allows the involved parties to automatically transact if certain conditions are met without any manual intervention. Smart contracts are often associated with Ethereum - a decentralized global software platform powered by blockchain technology. However, the concept of smart contracts is not restricted to any particular network or platform. Auditing Ethereum smart contracts is similar to how we audit blockchain protocol. To be more specific, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the project’s code to detect vulnerabilities and suggest improvements.
Why Audit Your Ethereum Smart Contract
Auditing an Ethereum smart contract is essential due to the following reasons:
Smart contracts are irreversible, which means it is impossible to fix any vulnerabilities discovered after deployment.
Smart contracts are publicly visible. Therefore, everyone is able to access the contracts and exploit any vulnerabilities found.
Smart contracts may contain vast amounts of value, making them attractive targets for attacks from hackers. Any small vulnerabilities can result in massive losses for the platform and its users.
Smart contracts that have been audited by a prestigious team will draw higher funds from investors and users.

Ethereum Smart Contract Audit Process

Phase 1

In this phase, we will define the scope of work and estimate the price.

Phase 2

Our team will conduct a code review along with a manual analysis to detect any vulnerabilities and bugs in the contract. Next, we will check for dependencies, followed by an exhaustive scan to ensure the program is totally secure.

Phase 3

After completing the analysis, we will deliver a detailed report of the vulnerabilities as well as recommendations on how to fix all issues.

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Benefits of Using Our Ethereum Smart Contract Audit

Avoid costly mistakes

Securing your Ethereum smart contract early in the development lifecycle prevents possible vulnerabilities after launch.

Reduce the risks of attacks

Properly evaluating and deploying your smart contract will help avoid attacks that may cause huge losses.

Automatic security scan

We use advanced security scanning tools to scan for vulnerabilities in your Blockchain protocols with high accuracy.

Manual audits by experts

We manually re-check customer code to ensure that blockchain protocols are executed correctly.

Detailed analysis report

Get vulnerability reports with vulnerability summaries and details, and guidance on remediation and risk mitigation.

Why Choose Us?

We are Experts in Security

The team of experts at CyStack have in-depth knowledge in the security field, thereby being able to detect important vulnerabilities in customers' Smart Contracts through manual and automatic search.

We have Practical Experiences. We have worked with many Blockchain and Cryptocurrency projects and, accumulated a lot of experience in smart contract evaluation and are confident that we can deliver the best results for our clients.

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