Detect and remove malwares in web servers

When your website is hacked, chances are that hackers have left malwares in servers. Detecting and removing them is complicated, therefore, time-consuming. CyStack Responding is built as an Antivirus Engine to find and clean these malwares quickly and effectively, keeping your website intact.

CyStack Responding?

Efficiency in finding malwares in server

You only have to provide credentials; we will find and remove malwares for you

Speed and accuracy

We apply different anti-malware technologies to maximize false positive rates

Detection of many website malwares

We can detect many malware families written in various languages such as PHP, ASP and Java as well as crypto-mining Javascript

Support many credential types

We currently support popular types such as SSH and FTP. You just need provide your server username and password to do a scan. CyStack will not store your information. More credentials will be on the list in the future.

Edit injected files in-app

You do not need to access server to edit files or remove injected ones. Instead, you can use a user-friendly interface offered on the platform.

Understand malwares thoroughly

We provide details of malwares including their family, hash and file types so that you can search for any further information as you need.

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