Serve as a web application firewall

To protect your website from hackers, you have to detect vulnerabilities in your system and fix them as soon as possible, which proves challenging without a team of experienced security engineers. Well-aware that “Prevention is better than cure", we build up CyStack Protecting - a web application firewall serving as a shield for your website, therefore minimising potential cyber attacks.

CyStack Protecting?

A straightforward method to protect websites

All you have to do is performing simple setup. You do not need to take care of patching vulnerabilities; we will do it for you

HTTPS provision

If you do not have HTTPS yet, we can offer it at no additional charge

Active and continuous defense

The firewall is constantly updated, keeping your website safe even from new types of attacks

Malicious request prevention

CyStack Scanning investigates all requests to your website to categorise them as malicious or not. Those with malicious tags, which include published attacks as well as suspicious and filtered requests, will be dropped to guarantee the website security


Our prevention activities are logged in details so that you can track all attack attempts to your website and it is also easier for us to debug and improve firewalls for better protection


HTTPS has become an indispensable part of websites, helping them to be more secure and reliable. We offer HTTPS Certificates and support along the way to all CyStack Protecting users at no additional charge. If you already have HTTPS Certificates, you can still utilise them

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