Pricing plans

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you.

Quick scan
  • Each scan includes only one asset
  • Scan & report critical vulnerabilities of the target.
  • Automatically list subdomains of the scanned root domain.
  • Customize HTTP headers during scanning.
  • Manage assets using tags.
  • Manage website certificates.
  • Provide vulnerability remediation recommendations.
  • Add and manage team members.
  • Support via email.
Deep scan
$65/5 asset
  • Includes features in the Quick Scan package
  • Unlimited scans
  • Up to 2 concurrent scans
  • Non-periodic scan scheduling
  • API for scanning
  • Export PDF reports
  • Support via phone
Asset monitoring
$392/200 asset
  • Includes features of the Deep Scan package
  • Up to 3 concurrent scans
  • Schedule scans on a recurring basis.
  • Dedicated Account Manager for remote Business support.
  • Includes features of the Asset Monitoring package
  • On-premise installation
  • Scans for internal servers/systems.
  • Integration with business tools and customizable security platforms.

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Detailed Features

Search and Audit

Quick ScanDeep ScanAsset Monitoring
Automated subdomain discovery based on root domains
Service port scanning
SSL certificate scanning
Comprehensive link review, including hidden links
Authentication-required service audit
Technology version identification

Vulnerability Detection

Detect various types of vulnerabilities, especially top 10 OWASP, SQL Injection, XSS, Out-Of-Band, SSRF, etc.
Detect services/apps with outdated or unpatched versions
Support scanning services using modern frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, Java, PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, Python, Golang, etc.

Vulnerability Management

Centrally manage detected vulnerabilities
Detailed reporting on severity and location of vulnerabilities
Statistics and general analysis on the status of all enterprise assets
Automatically suggest or implement vulnerability resolutions
Automatically suggest or implement safe patches and updates from third parties
Manage vulnerability statuses and severity levels
Asset tagging management
Export reports for each scan cycle
Automatically export reports for scheduled scan cycles
Add and manage individual assignments for vulnerability resolution

Security Monitoring

Security evaluation for detected subdomains
Regular security assessment reports
Email alerts and notifications

Custom Scanning

Custom asset scan profiles
Authenticated scanning
Scheduled periodic scans
CI/CD integration via API
Maximum scans per month
Maximum concurrent scans
Maximum pending scans
Maximum scheduled scans

Vulnerability Remediation Support

Support methods
Email, Phone
Email, Phone, Dedicated Account Manager

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