The importance of Pentesting

Penetration testing is a risk-free method to validate the security of a system by simulating real-work cyberattacks. The purpose of pentesting is to help detect and eliminate as many vulnerabilities as possible, thereby reducing the risks of attacks in the future. In other words, penetration testing lets you stay one step ahead of hackers.

Why choose us

Our next generation pentesting brings values that you are looking for.

Optimal results

Our pentesting solution is 7 times more effective than traditional methods.

International compliance standards

Our report meets the requirements for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO27001 and governments, etc.

Continuous reporting

Real-time continuous reporting facilitates early detection and remediation of vulnerabilities.

100% vulnerabilities eliminated

We guarantee to identify and aid in eliminating ALL malicious vulnerabilities.

  Special offer A FREE package of monitoring and periodic report after the project is complete

Meet our experts

CyStack Experts

Our team of experts have more than 10 years of experience in cybersecurity in various fields, from Finance, E-commerce, to SaaS, etc.

We have discovered many CVEs and Zero-day vulnerabilities on big technology platforms of D-Link, Microsoft Azure, Cyclos, Cesanta Mongoose, etc.
Also, we have been honored at the Hall of Fame of leading corporations (Microsoft, Dell, HP, Deloitte).
Chuyên gia CyStack

Community Experts

CyStack cooperates with the best individuals in the community of 3000+ WhiteHub security experts from 50 countries and notable profiles from Hacker one, Bugcrowd…. All experts involved in the Pentest project work closely with CyStack and have signed NDA information security contracts.

Chuyên gia cộng đồng

Owned Security Certificate

Ethical Hacker

Security Certified

Certified Information
System Auditor

Computer Hacking
Forensic Investigator

Select your method

Black Box testing

Black Box testing

Documents customers need to submit:
URL address of the project in testing.

Situation: Hackers have little knowledge of the network and approach it as a normal user.

Pentesting team: CyStack experts & community experts (Top 100 experts on WhiteHub platform)

Gray Box testing

Gray Box testing

Documents customers need to submit:
URL address of the project, login credentials of users, network systems.

Situation: Hackers already managed to break into the system and got access to some sensitive information that was not made public.

Pentesting team: CyStack experts

White Box testing

White Box testing

Documents customers need to submit:
Source code or network documentation.

Situation: Hackers have complete knowledge of the source code and environment.

Pentesting team: CyStack experts

Learn more about the process



  • Customer and CyStack discuss pen-test's object and scope of work. CyStack makes a proposal including a plan of conducting the test.



  • CyStack professional pen-testers start testing and reporting PoC of each vulnerability to customers.*



  • CyStack sends customers detailed reports and instructions on how to fix the bugs.**
  • Pen-tester team starts retesting to ensure all vulnerabilities are fixed.

*Continuous pentesting for over 100 hours per week.
**Report includes detailed descriptions on how vulnerabilities affect business.

Triển khai

What our clients say?

"Experts at CyStack have very in-depth knowledge, even discovered the vulnerability of a high-ranking VNtrip partner. We now have peace of mind on security, and can have our resources fully focusing on developing the VNtrip app."

Mr. Nguyen Hong Thai
Mr. Nguyen Hong Thai
CTO, VNtrip

"High-professional team with strong hard skills, comfortable client support, and a deep understanding of customer's needs. We got extra positive experience from work with CyStack and can recommend them for everyone who wants to improve its security or/and prove it"

Dmitriy Gerasimov
Dmitriy Gerasimov
CEO Cellframe Network

"CyStack experts discovered many critical vulnerabilities that GetFly engineers themselves could not find. The cost is very reasonable!"

Mr. Vu Hoang Duy
Mr. Vu Hoang Duy
CTO, GetFly

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