Outsourcing is the new normal

83% of IT leaders with in-house security teams are now considering outsourcing their security efforts to an MSP.

While cyber attacks escalated in both severity and scale, enterprises had to reduce budget and headcount for IT in response to the economic downturn. In this context, many companies are considering shifting from in-house security talent to outsourcing services.

CyStack offers comprehensive cybersecurity services to protect your enterprise against vulnerabilities and cyber attacks. Cut down costs, save time, and grow with us.

Our Novel Approach to CyberSecurity

Resource optimization for fastest vulnerability remediation

CyStack optimizes all the available resources, including our engineers, our tools, and also crowdsourced security team WhiteHub to detect and fix dangerous vulnerabilities in the shortest time possible.

Continuous monitoring and testing model

Our continuous monitoring and testing model offers the highest protection for your systems and applications at all times and in all environments.

Get the best value out of your budget for security

The Most Cost-effective Solution for Cybersecurity

Not every startup has enough resources to build an in-house cybersecurity team. Outsourcing works the same way at half the cost.

The Most Cost-effective Solution for Cybersecurity

Readily Available Cybersecurity Team

Hiring a good cybersecurity engineer is frustrating for startups, but cybersecurity experts at CyStack are always available at your disposal.

Readily Available Cybersecurity Team

Time-saving and Flexible Services

CyStack uses an effective deployment process to protect your enterprise in a timely manner.

Time-saving and Flexible Services

Leading brands trust CyStack to safeguard their business against cyber attacks.

How We Compare


Outsourcing Partner

In-house Security Team

Overall costs
Overall costs
Outsourced cybersecurity teams charge you less with the same services due to economies of scale.
Outsourced cybersecurity teams charge you less with the same services due to economies of scale.
Onboarding Speed
Onboarding Speed
An efficient outsourced security team can begin and manage projects quickly.
It is time-consuming to recruit and train engineers for a specific project.
Quality and experience of engineers
Quality and experience of engineers
Outsourced cybersecurity services house qualified professionals with years of experience.
It depends on each project and the ability to attract quality candidates of the company
Outsourcing allows businesses to scale up or down flexibly according to the ever-changing workload.
It is difficult for businesses to scale up or down as hiring and training new employees takes a long time.
NDA (Non–disclosure agreement)
NDA (Non–disclosure agreement)

Our Deployment Process


System Review

The customer provides information and security needs, CyStack conducts a preliminary assessment of the structure, network infrastructure, application diagram, and technology used by the customer.


Plan and quote

Based on the needs and development stage of the product, CyStack presents the plan and sends a quote to the customer.


Cloud infrastructure checking

CyStack reviews and checks the security compliance level of the customer's cloud service account system to ensure the security of the cloud infrastructure


Check for malicious code on server

CyStack conducts malicious code checks on web and application servers; Completely remove malicious code on the server if detected.


Application security test

The testers at CyStack conduct blackbox pentests for customer applications, including websites, mobile apps, APIs, networks, and more. Send PoC reports and fix vulnerabilities to customers. This process is maintained continuously, and customers receive detailed monthly reports.


Monitor security for website, server

Implement security monitoring and performance monitoring systems for websites and servers. Alerts to security threats such as hacked websites, changed security certificate information, blacklists, downtime, and more. The monitoring process is done automatically 24/7, CyStack supports businesses to monitor and handle arising problems.


Monthly report

The end-of-month report helps customers understand the security status of the entire IT system in just 5 minutes, including risks, dangerous levels of security errors, actual situations, remediation status , system & application health.

Our Deployment process

Our Achievements


Static Binary Instrumentation - T2 infosec conference 2019
Static Binary Injection - XCon 2019
Redback: Advanced Static Binary Injection - Black Hat Asia 2020
Demigod: The Art of Emulating Kernel Rootkits - BlackHat USA 2020


CVE-2019-19307: Integer overflow
Vulnerability in Cesanta Mongoose 6.16
Vulnerabilities in module Node.js (CVE-2019-5417, CVE-2019-5415, CVE-2018-16482, CVE-2018-16481, CVE-2018-16480, CVE-2018-3809)
Subdomain takeover attacks targeting big enterprises such as Microsoft, HP, Deloitte, Photobucket, BBC, etc.
RCE in many websites of IBM
Other vulnerabilities in products of NASA, Alibaba, Sea Group, Hackerrank, Spotify, etc.

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