Data breach has long been one of the greatest fears for businesses when it comes to security. With data, a business can greatly enhance its business strategy, find the right way to market its product, and ensure all operations run smoothly and sustainably. Losing that data to the wrong hand, the reputation of the company will crumble, stock price will go downhill, and lawsuits will start pouring in. Early this year, Facebook got involved in one of the most controversial data breaches in the history with personal information of 87 million users compromised by Cambridge Analytica for political purposes. Mark Zuckerberg himself had to face a questioning session with the Congress. It is rumored that the compromised data helped Donald Trump win the presidential election. Not long after that, Google, another tech giant, faced the same threat. Information of 500 thousand Google+ users were exposed, forcing the company to close this social media. It is still undisclosed as to how this data breach will affect the people involved. By this point, I believe any business owner would be asking himself:

“What can I do to prevent such disasters from happening to my company?”

Well, with the following infographic, at least you will be equipped with the most basic knowledge about the main causes of data breaches.
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6 main causes of data breaches cystack

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6 main causes of data breaches – CyStack

In the year 2018:

  • Personal information of 87 million Facebook users was exploited to influence the result of the US presidential election.
  • Data of 500,000 Google+ users was exposed, forcing Google to completely shut down this platform.
  • Hacker publicized personal and payment information of 5.4 million customers of Mobile World Investment Corporation. However, this database is later proven to be fake.
  • Personal information of 5 million employees and customers of is sold online by a hacker.
… So what are the causes of these data breaches?

Human errors

There are many ways a person can make a mistake that leads to data breaches. The most common ones are: weak and/or exposed credentials, misconfiguration, mistakes during the operation of the system,…


Weak points exist in all systems – and it’s the developer’s job to constantly discover and secure them. Carelessness, infrequent updates, using pirated components,… often lead to the presence of vulnerabilities in the system.


Malwares allow hackers to attack a wide range of victims. They can spread quickly through various means and can either gather the data themselves, open a backdoor for the hacker or even encrypt all information to blackmail the victim.

Phishing techniques

Systems are run by humans – and humans are susceptible to fraud. Email phishing is the most popular choice for targeted attacks. When the person receiving the fraudulent email clicks on a fake link, hackers can compromise the entire system.

Insider threats

Important data, including that of customers, is accessible to not one, but many people. It takes only one shady employee or partner who has malicious intentions to cause a major data breach.

Direct stealing

Although not common, this is still very much a threat that enterprises must take notice of. Storage devices like USB or hard drives can be stolen, or an outsider who comes to do technical support can make a copy of the entire database for bad purposes.

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