Monitor your website's availability and performance round-the-clock

Web applications are not stable as you may think: they are always vulnerable to abnormal events, which need to be acknowledged instantly for further solutions. To cover this risk, CyStack Monitoring keeps you well-informed about your website's availability and performance.

CyStack Monitoring?

Instant detection of abnormal event

We perform periodic checks, at least once every minute to ensure your website is under control

Full automation

Monitoring process is automated to run continuously. You have to set up only once for it to be effective

Cost-and-labour effectiveness

With all technologies offered by us, you can save money and effort but still secure your website comprehensively

Monitor uptime from many locations around the world

Access your website as real users from different regions for you to know the website status (up/down), response time as well as reasons behind so that comprehensive solutions can be proposed
Website uptime monitoring from many locations around the world

Monitor DNS changes

Keep track of DNS records (for both IPv4 and IPv6) to detect any illegal domain changes

Monitor HTTPS Certificate changes

Stay updated with HTTPS status when any changes are made or expiry dates are coming
Monitor HTTPS Certificate changes

Alert smartly

Alerts are sent selectively and immediately to person-in-charge via email or mobile app to avoid spamming
Alert smartly

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