Discover 5 critical vulnerabilities after 14 days

WhiteHub helps enterprises discover critical vulnerabilities in products, including those not discoverable by using traditional solutions and automated tools


Risk mitigation

WhiteHub helps enterprises discover vulnerabilities in their products and systems before they are exploited by hackers. The focus is on critical vulnerabilities that might allow the hackers to compromise the system and data.

ROI optimization

Enterprises only pay for the discovered vulnerabilities that have actual impact on the company’s system instead of paying by the hour. This means ROI will be improved.

24/7 protection

With WhiteHub, after publishing your Bug bounty program, hundreds of researchers will constantly look for vulnerabilities in the product. This process can occur in parallel with the software development life cycle

[Ebook] Why Crowdsourced Security?

How to start

Phase 01: Preparation

Define the scope and budget.

Phase 02: Contract

Sign a contract with CyStack and publish a Bug bounty program on WhiteHub.

Phase 03: Implementation

Receive vulnerability reports and experts’ assistance during the fixing process. Re-test after patching and reward the researchers.

Phase 04: Reporting

Export detailed reports and incorporate that into the software development life cycle (CDLC).


WhiteHub provides suitable products for businesses of all sizes and at any stage

WhiteHub Bounty


Gain access to our community of over 500 security researchers by publishing Bug Bounty programs on our platform.

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WhiteHub Pentest

(Managed by CyStack)

CyStack is responsible for selecting suitable experts from the WhiteHub community, managing Bug Bounty programs and assisting in the patching of discovered vulnerabilities.

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