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- Monitor & protect website from cyber threats
- Smart notification through emails & mobile app
- Continuous 24/7

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Built for CEOs & leaders

A fast, friendly yet secured website helps boosting traffic, users and revenue

Improve User Experience: A smooth and friendly website makes users happy.

Protect your data & customers: A data breach causes heavy damage to business. Don’t let it happen.

Secure brand reputation: Once a business experiences a cyber-attack, it’s brand reputation plummet.

Reduce security cost: a SaaS product cuts unnecessary cost & maximizes ROI.

Easy to use: 24/7 protection & instant notifications to smartphones.

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Powerful tool for CTOs

CTOs need a comprehensive & powerful web-protection tool which ensures strict security standards

All-in-one platform: Include all the features that help securing websites.

Strict security standards: In compliance with OWASP, PCI DSS,...

Full handy reports: Access full reports & focus on important numbers everywhere.

HTTPS encrypted: Encrypt client - server communication with SSL certificate.

Ultimate Web-security solution: combine with CyStack WhiteHub for better security performance.

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CyStack report:
Website security trend Q.IV 2018

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